Breaking the Curse

By Rachel Walliser

co-produced by Ferre Play Theatre
In conjunction with the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre

Photography credit Nicole Stevenson Photography

Proudly presented by 25th Street Theatre and Ferre Play Theatre, Breaking the Curse by Rachel Walliser is an exploration of a topic that has remained in the shadows throughout modern times – menstruation. Through a collection of irreverent, sometimes humorous, sometimes touching, and sometimes cringey stories, Walliser unabashedly brings the real-life experiences of getting a period to the stage… or in this case, the screen!

Directors Johanna Arnott, Jennifer Dawn Bishop, Erin Brophy, and Marley Duckett will be working with a DOZEN actors to create the piece which will be rehearsed like a theatre production, but presented like a film.  This production will not be theatre that was ever intended to have an in-person audience, but rather, this is theatre that you are meant to experience on the big screen.

Premiere May 5, 2022 – The Roxy Theatre

& online May 6-15, 2022 on-demand

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    Additional info

    Watch playwright Rachel Walliser on CTV Saskatoon   

    Listen to CBC Radio with Leisha Grebinski   

    Read about Breaking the Curse in Brit’s Picks   

    Watch playwright Rachel Walliser on CTV Morning Live   

    Discussion to Destigmatize

    Join Group D director, Marley Duckett, as she sits down with Breaking the Curse playwright Rachel Walliser, Moontime Sisters founder Nicole White, and OB-GYN Dr. Jenn Duda to discuss the play, the stigma around menstruation, and supports available.

    Dr. Jenn Duda and Nicole White are part of Ferre Play Theatre’s Ambassador Program. You can read more about the program and the panelists here.

    Cast and crew

    Group A Actor – Ezra Forest (they/them)
    Group A Actor – Bobbi-Lee Jones (they/she)
    Group A Actor – Kristel Harder* (she/they)

    Group B Actor – Gabrielle Dufresne (she/her/elle)
    Group B Actor – Paige Francoeur (she/they)
    Group B Actor – Yulissa Campos (she/her)

    Group C Actor – Angela Christie (she/her)
    Group C Actor – Samantha Ramsay (she/her)
    Group C Actor – Lauren Griffin (she/her)

    Group D Actor – Jenna Berenbaum* (all pronouns)
    Group D Actor – Danielle Roy (she/her)
    Group D Actor – Rachel McLaughlin (she/her)

    Playwright – Rachel Walliser (she/her)

    Director Group A – Johanna Arnott (she/her)
    Director Group B – Jennifer Dawn Bishop (she/her)
    Director Group C – Erin Brophy (she/they)
    Director Group D – Marley Duckett (she/they)

    Stage Manager/Script Supervisor – Lauren Allen (she/her)
    Production Manager – Lauren Griffin (she/her)

    Set Design – Amanda Brown (she/her)
    Costume Design – Laura Crossman (she/her)
    Greenscreen Design – Andrei Fehergyhazi (he/him)
    Audio Design – respectfulchild (they/them)

    Videographer – Little Ox Film Co.

    *The participation of this Artist is arranged by permission of the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association under the provisions of the Dance•Opera•Theatre Policy.

    This Production is Made Under the Jurisdiction of ACTRA

    Proudly supported by

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    A cup of coffee, cream, and several slices of bread are displayed on a wooden serving tray
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