Hey theatre artists!

Welcome to the Saskatoon Fringe Theatre Festival!

We are elated to have you join us at the Festival – running August 1st to 10th, 2024 – in the heart is the Nutana district in Saskatoon. The 2024 Festival will play host to a variety of theatre artists, professional busking artists, and artisan vendors from all across the world.

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Fringe Buskers

Fringe Vendors

Beyond the Fringe

The backbone of the Saskatoon Fringe Festival is our incredible theatre artists. Local, national, and international artists join our festival each year, providing Saskatoon audiences with unique, daring, and brilliant performances over the 10-day festival.

In 2024, the Saskatoon Fringe Festival will host 21 companies from all across the globe, including 3 Kids Fringe slots and 3 Diverse Voices slots.

    the 2024 Fringe Theatre companies

    Baked goods piled on a wooden background
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    Full Metal Comedy
    Live Fully Productions
    Rogue Souls Productions
    Sweat n’ Gumption
    The Little Company That Could

    Photography credit Nicole Stevenson

    Bat Rabbit Productions
    Cate McCoy
    Jessica Pigeau
    Keith Brown
    Pitchin’in Productions
    Shawn DeSouza-Coelho

    A cup of coffee, cream, and several slices of bread are displayed on a wooden serving tray
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    Chase Padgett
    El Diablo of The Cards
    Jem Rolls/Big Word
    Jennifer Vosters
    Rob Gee
    The Baggy Pants

    Photography credit Danger Dynamite 

    Catch Me In The Kitchen
    Squirrel Suit Productions
    Wonder City Collective

    Know before you go

    Lottery Details

    Lottery Applications open on November 1, 2023. The deadline to apply is November 21, 2023. The Annual Lottery Draw will take place Wednesday, November 22, 2023. Drawn and waitlisted artists will be contacted with the results. Our Lottery list is subject to change. Waitlist artists will be contacted directly as slots shift. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

    Getting Ready for the Festival

    A few months before the Festival, a staff member of 25th Street Theatre will be in touch to gather the following: updated contact information billet requests any technical requirements show information, including show title, length, description, image, etc. The Marketing & Show Info form, as well as the Billet Request form, can be accessed by e-mailing Drew at drew.mantyka@25thstreettheatre.org! Once this information is collected, the Festival staff will create a draft of the theatre schedule and program, and endeavour to find suitable billets for any artists that need them. Please note, we cannot guarantee that we will find a billet for everyone – but we will try our best!

    Festival Time

    Staff will begin to set up for the Festival on the Monday before opening . This will include getting the venues in order to begin technical rehearsals. After technical rehehearsals are complete, Preview Night will take place on Wednesday at the Broadway Theatre. Each theatre company will be given 2 miniutes to pitch their show however they like. The Festival officially opens Thursday running from 6-10 pm on weekdays and noon-10 pm on weekends (& the holiday Monday). We highly recommend you market your show throughout the Festival as much as possible – hang out and chat with patrons, invite other artists to your shows, do some handbilling, hang posters, etc. The more you are around marketing your show – the more Saskatoon audiences will be likely to come see it!


    When can I withdraw until?

    Should you need to withdraw from the Festival prior to March 31st, 2024, your fee will be refunded (minus an $85 administration fee) IF we are able to fill your space with another artist from our waitlist. All registration fees are non-refundable after March 31, 2024, with the exception of the forced cancellation due to increased public health restrictions or extreme circumstances at the discretion of the Festival.

    When and where is preview night?

    Preview Night is still TBD. It’s usually at about 7:30 pm on the day before the festival, but the time this year is still TBD. Each producing company will have two minutes to pitch their show however they like. Some folks will perform a scene from the show, others will talk about it, etc. You are free to do with that two minutes what you wish. This event is optional to participate in, but we highly recommend you take advantage of it!

    How much do we get from ticket sales?

    General admission tickets to every show at the Saskatoon Fringe are $12.00 + $4.00 Admin Fee + tax. Patrons will see the total ticket price of $16.00 + tax = $17.76 CAD. Youth tickets for the Fringe are $11.00 + $2.00 Admin Fee + tax. Patrons will see a total ticket price of $13.00 + tax = $14.43. You will be paid out for all of your ticket sales in one payment at the end of the Festival. 25th Street Theatre is obligated and accepts responsibility for remitting any taxes, including GST, to the Receiver General of Canada.

    What's the deal with comp tickets?

    As a not-for-profit registered charity, we rely heavily on support from government funders, sponsors, and volunteers, with additional support from individual donors and concession sales. To cultivate, steward, and increase stakeholder engagement we provide comp tickets.

    Each producer will be given a packet of comp tickets (exact # TBD) that they can use at their discretion – you can pass them out to patrons as you network, invite specific folks, etc. These are yours to do whatever you wish.

    The Producer agrees to give the Festival access to up to 10% of the ticketed venue capacity. This access includes comps for:

    • Media – to review and publicize your show
    • Industry – recruiters from regional theatres or other key industry representatives whose presence and access will benefit artists
    • Funders – granting bodies
    • Sponsors – organizations providing capital support for the Festival
    • Volunteers & Billets
    • Staff & Board of Directors

    Neither the artist, not the Festival, is paid out for any of the comp tickets listed above.

    I need a billet! What do I do?

    Hang tight!

    Our Artist Manager summer staff member typically joins the team in May – they will be in touch then to gather any and all information needed to fit you with the perfect billet.

    Some things that we will need to know are:

    • When are you planning to arrive/depart?
    • How many artists are travelling with you? Any kids?
    • Are there any allergies we should know about?
    • Is there anything else we should know that may affect where you are placed? (i.e. non-smoker, religious practices, etc.)
    • Do you have any accessibility requirements?

    What kind of audiences can I expect at the Saskatoon Fringe?

    Your show will be among 21 total shows available to patrons, not including all of the food and artisan vendors and outdoor performers at the Festival, so we encourage you to network, handbill, participate in Preview Night, and strategically use your producer comp tickets.

    We find that Saskatoon audiences are more apt to attend a show that they can physically see marketing for – i.e. a show that posters up Broadway Ave. will have far greater audience sizes than one that does not.

    Based on data gathered from the 2022 Festival, of the patrons that participated in the survey, 34% of patrons are aged 30/44 y/o, and 24% of patrons are both 19-29 y/o and 60+ y/o.

    What happens if I get sick with COVID-19?

    The Festival, its officers, directors, and employees will take reasonable steps to comply with the health directives issued by the Saskatoon Health Region in respect of COVID-19. However, it is not possible for the Festival to guarantee that transmission will not occur during the performance of any Production.

    Accordingly, the Producer acknowledges that they bear some risk performing this contract in respect of contracting COVID-19 for which the Festival bears no responsibility in law, equity or any respect.

    In your Producer Agreement, please see Schedule A: Acknowledgment of Risk and Informed Consent for more information.

    Do I need to bring a stage manager? A technician?

    Each venue and show is equipt with an IATSE technician to operate lighting for your show. They will additionally operate the Festival’s pre-show audio cue.

    We no longer require each show to provide a stage manager. However, if your show requires a large number of sound cues when you will be required to have a stage manager. If you’re not sure if you should bring a stage manager, let us know!

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